Tuesday, October 22, 2013

eating...a lot.

i have recently had friends and family in town.  our main concern during their stay was to eat at some amazing restaurants, and naturally, see the chicago sites.  that we did.  but more importantly, it was top priority to eat.  one restaurant in particular that is not too far from where i live had some amazing hot chocolate, just like the title, mindy's hot chocolate.  we also went to another hot breakfast spot called, lou mitchell's, which has been around since the start of the famous route 66.  we of course had to hit the famous giordano's (pizza), portillo's hot dogs, and the happen' mexican restaurant called big star.  

i of course, loved each one of these restaurants.  each one had something special and unique about them.  i will certainly be back to many of these restaurants.  but, i feel like i can't keep going back to the same restaurants when there are so many more i still need to try.  oh the madness of living here in this city full of fantastic restaurants on every corner.  what is this girl to do?  hmmm...i'll just keep eating!

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