Friday, January 30, 2015

Omaha: California Tacos & More

I got an overnight in Omaha Nebraska, which made me really excited. Why? I mean, who goes to Omaha? For one, I have never been to Omaha, and two, I knew Guy Fieri had visited Omaha. Plus, he had gone to a few restaurants in the bustling city. Once I got to the hotel and did some talking with the locals I made my decision to go try Califonria Tacos & More.  Boy, were we happy on our choice too!

This is my kind of taco - one is clearly enough!
(This guy of mine decided to tag along.)
Enjoying our chips and salsa.
This is my sign of approval! Gotta love a picture of
me shoving my face with food... 

Would I recommend this place?  Heck yeah!  If you ever have to be in Omaha...'cause who just goes to Omaha???  Again, if you are ever in Omaha make sure you stop by this little taco shop - California Tacos & More. It's not little, so make sure you have room for at least one taco...and chips and salsa!
I have to say, this place was quite the dive, but the food was a major hit.  We were both glad we only got one taco each.  Because there was no way we could've eaten more than that.  We both ordered the deep fried steak taco, with a side order of chips and salsa. Side note:  they have a salsa bar too!  How awesome is that!!!  Just know, this isn't your typical little Mexican (small size) taco shop, these tacos are huge, and very filling. And fried!  (Weight gain here I come...)

Monday, January 26, 2015

Where Have I Been?

For many years now I have grown to love Guy Fieri, and his famous food show, Diners, Drive - Ins, and Dives. I have been to many of the restaurants he has featured on his show.  However, I was just informed that if you visit 100 of the restaurants featured on his show and take a picture with the restaurant and food he will feature you on his show.  As I am always watching his show I just saw an episode where he featured this couple who had visited 100 of the restaurants, and had scrapbooks to prove it!  I was like, whaaaaaaaa?!?!  I should've been keeping track of all the restaurants I have visited.  Granted, I kind of have, but not like this couple.  So, because of all the social media hoopla, and the fact that I like to blog, I decided, why don't I do a blog dedicated to Guy Fieri and all the Triple D restaurants I visit.  Duh!

But, just to be clear, I have already visited quite a few, and I wanted to document the ones I have already been to.  So, from here on out I will start documenting my visits to Triple D restaurants.  Let the eating begin (again).

Where have I been thus far? (In no particular order.)

  1. Big & little's (Chicago)
  2. Glenn's Diner & Seafood House (Chicago)
  3. Taste of Peru (Chicago)
  4. Irazu Costa Rican Restaurant (Chicago)
  5. Smoque BBQ (Chicago)
  6. White Palace Grill (Chicago)
  7. Paradise Pup (Chicago)
  8. Northern Waters Smokehaus (Duluth)
  9. Early Bird Diner (Charleston)
  10. The Glass Onion (Charleston)
  11. Yankee Lobster (Boston)
  12. Sam LaGrassa's (Boston)
  13. Italian Express Pizzeria (Boston)
  14. Magnolia Cafe (Austin)
  15. Zia Diner (Santa Fe)
  16. Brandy's Restaurant & Bakery (Flagstaff)
  17. BANG! (Denver)
  18. Tocabe - An American Indian Eatery (Denver)
  19. Foolish Craig's Cafe (Boulder)
  20. Burger Bar (Roy)
  21. Red Iguana (Salt Lake City)
  22. Maxwell's East Coast Eatery (Salt Lake City)
  23. Moochie's Meatballs (Salt Lake City)
  24. Oh Mai (Salt Lake City)
  25. Tin Roof Grill (Sandy)
  26. Voula's Offshore Cafe (Seattle)  
  27. Fisherman's Market (Eugene)
  28. North End Caffe (Manhattan Beach)
Holy Cow!!!  I had no idea I had been to so many.  I have only documented about a handful of those restaurants I have been to. There is no time like the present, guess I will start now.  And, since I live in Chicago I do have a little bit of an advantage. I think Guy likes Chicago...there are 26 restaurants right in Chicago and surrounding area, and I have been to seven of them already.  I am not appalled to going to them again.  It's all for fifteen minutes of fame, so why not.  

Join me on my journey of visiting 100 Diners, Drive - Ins, and Dives.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

eating...a lot.

i have recently had friends and family in town.  our main concern during their stay was to eat at some amazing restaurants, and naturally, see the chicago sites.  that we did.  but more importantly, it was top priority to eat.  one restaurant in particular that is not too far from where i live had some amazing hot chocolate, just like the title, mindy's hot chocolate.  we also went to another hot breakfast spot called, lou mitchell's, which has been around since the start of the famous route 66.  we of course had to hit the famous giordano's (pizza), portillo's hot dogs, and the happen' mexican restaurant called big star.  

i of course, loved each one of these restaurants.  each one had something special and unique about them.  i will certainly be back to many of these restaurants.  but, i feel like i can't keep going back to the same restaurants when there are so many more i still need to try.  oh the madness of living here in this city full of fantastic restaurants on every corner.  what is this girl to do?  hmmm...i'll just keep eating!

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

living in chicago - let the journey begin

i never in a million years saw myself living in chicago.  but, here i am.  three months into this crazy experience and i am loving it here.

the food is AMAZING!  i am not sure i will ever scratch the surface of eating in one of the worlds most fabulous food-crazy cities.  this girl is sure going to try.

i love to eat.

so, let the journey begin of eating my way through chicago.