Friday, January 30, 2015

Omaha: California Tacos & More

I got an overnight in Omaha Nebraska, which made me really excited. Why? I mean, who goes to Omaha? For one, I have never been to Omaha, and two, I knew Guy Fieri had visited Omaha. Plus, he had gone to a few restaurants in the bustling city. Once I got to the hotel and did some talking with the locals I made my decision to go try Califonria Tacos & More.  Boy, were we happy on our choice too!

This is my kind of taco - one is clearly enough!
(This guy of mine decided to tag along.)
Enjoying our chips and salsa.
This is my sign of approval! Gotta love a picture of
me shoving my face with food... 

Would I recommend this place?  Heck yeah!  If you ever have to be in Omaha...'cause who just goes to Omaha???  Again, if you are ever in Omaha make sure you stop by this little taco shop - California Tacos & More. It's not little, so make sure you have room for at least one taco...and chips and salsa!
I have to say, this place was quite the dive, but the food was a major hit.  We were both glad we only got one taco each.  Because there was no way we could've eaten more than that.  We both ordered the deep fried steak taco, with a side order of chips and salsa. Side note:  they have a salsa bar too!  How awesome is that!!!  Just know, this isn't your typical little Mexican (small size) taco shop, these tacos are huge, and very filling. And fried!  (Weight gain here I come...)

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